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A biometric wristband may help predict seizures in people with severe autism

A biometric wristband is being developed in the United Kingdom, that has the potential to predict epileptic seizures in people with severe autism.

The device is being tested on a 34-year-old man with autism. He is the first person with the disorder to be tested. Researchers say the wristband will measure his anxiety and stress levels.

This will hopefully help to predict the possibility of a meltdown.

The trial of the wristband will gather data for six months. By monitoring the person's biometric data, researchers hope to find out what triggers the stress events. They can then help him avoid those factors.

People who have non-verbal autism can express themselves only through their behaviors. The higher their stress levels, the more extreme those behaviors become.

Through this technology, researchers hope to help caregivers and experts understand when people with autism are becoming distressed and anxious. They can help reduce their anxiety levels.

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