Follow the beep and find the Easter egg - a competition for blind children!

Blind children at the Flanagan Boulevard at Nebraska in United States had a ball of a time participating in an Easter egg-finding competition! The event took place at the Boys Town National Research Hospital. The blind children had to find the Easter eggs hid at various locations from a beep sound that was played by the volunteers.

Each egg that was the size of an ostrich egg with a switch attached.When the volunteer turned on the switch, blind kids could recognize the sound and get closer to the Easter egg. The best part about this game was that blind children and their siblings could take part.

Siblings are usually left out when such games happen. They have to sit and watch their blind siblings playing without them. In this game, the entire family could come together which is cool!

Children who won the game received different prizes including stuffed animals, treats and Braille and large print books. Families could come together and share their experiences. They did enjoy many treats as well.