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Apple to introduce emojis for people with disabilities

March 25, 2018

Technology giant Apple is bringing out something new for people with disabilities, and emojis it is!

The emojis will depict people with disabilities. The company plans to introduce 13 emojis that will represent people with disabilities.

The new emojis will depict the people who are blind, deaf, and with mobility impairments. It also includes people with autism and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Emojis of people on wheelchairs, service dogs, prosthetic arms and limbs, people pointing to their ears, people walking with white cane, etc will be added.

Apple says these emojis depicting people with disabilities will help create a culture that is inclusive. Emojis are a universal language and a strong means of communication as well as self-expression. It can be used to show love and concern to another person as well.

If the new emojis are approved, they will be released in March 2019.

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