Meet this group of talented dancers with Down syndrome!

Jen Blackwell is a young woman with Down syndrome from Lancashire in the United Kingdom. A passionate dancer, she decided to start her own dance school.

With the help of her mother, Sue, Jen has opened a dance school called Dance Syndrome for dancers with learning and developmental disabilities, like Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy.

Dance syndrome was started in 2009, and is proving to be quite a success. There are over 15 dancers in the school now.

The group at Dance syndrome meet every Wednesday at a community centre in Preston. They spend more than two hours dancing to their favourite tunes, exploring new moves, and experimenting with dance steps. Like any other dance school, they help each other to get into the world of dance better!

The motto of Down syndrome is, anything is possible, even though you have a learning disability. The group believes in giving everyone a chance to enjoy the happiness that comes with dancing. They are gearing up to take part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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