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Treatment of hearing loss is possible, say scientists

March 26, 2018

Hearing loss can occur at any age. The most common cause of loss of hearing is exposure to loud noises. Some other causes also are drug-induced due to medications or injuries.

As per data there are around 360 million people worldwide who suffer from hearing loss.

However, there is still no standard treatment that can cure hearing loss.

Researchers have now found that a compound called kenpaullone is effective in protecting the cochlear cells in the ear from the side effects of medication. They have done tests on mice and rats. An injection of kenpaullone in the middle ear of mice and rats protected them from hearing loss due to cisplatin. This is a medication used for treating cancer.

Kenpaullone can also help in treatment of noise-induced hearing loss.

Scientists are hopeful that further research can help get design proper treatment for hearing loss.

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