Heat wave to hit Mumbai & Nashik in the next 48 hours

Summer has already reached its peak in Maharashtra. Mumbai recorded a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The last time Mumbai witnessed such intense heat was in 2011, when the temperature recorded 41.3 degrees Celsius.

Weather officials warn that this is set to get more intense with a heat wave likely to hit Mumbai and Nashik in the next 48 hours.

Weather experts say that day temperature is only going to rise in the coming days. Mumbai is expected to break records this year. So is the weather in Goa and central Maharashtra.

Experts say that Nashik and Pune will witness a rise in 4 to 6 degrees in the next few days. Meanwhile, Mumbai will be worst affected with a rise of up to 8 degrees in the coming days.

Experts have advised people living in these areas to take precautions. Keeping yourself hydrated and staying away from the sun is very important.

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