Mumbai forum to focus on needs of adults with autism

One in 68 persons is affected by autism. However, much of the focus is directed on children with autism. Concerned parents are now gearing up to shed light on the issues faced by adults with autism, ahead of World Autism Day.

Forum for Autism, a parent support network for people with autism plans to start a counselling cell for adults with autism and their families. The forum will also introduce respite care for family members as well as train the staff at vocational centres to take care of the needs of adults with autism.

Chitra Iyer, a trustee at Forum for Autism, says that adults with autism find it very hard as there is no proper understanding of their needs.

While there are many vocational centres for adults with Down syndrome and other disabilities, there is nothing exclusively for autism. Experts say that since the needs of an adult with autism are different from others, it is high time that they are given exclusive care.

When parents of adults with autism have an emergency, there are no special centres to take care of them. That is when an exclusive autism centre for adults becomes relevant.

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