Young woman with cerebral palsy writes to PM Modi, seeks permission for mercy killing

26-year-old Sunita Mahant, who has cerebral palsy, has sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking permission for mercy killing.

Sunita, who is from Chattisgarh, is in New Delhi and hopes to meet PM Modi. Sunita was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 21 years old. Until then, she was being treated for polio.

Sunita was undergoing physiotherapy at a primary health center near her home. Things turned ugly for her when she clicked a photo of the unhygienic conditions at the health center and forwarded it to the District Collector. The health center refused to treat her after this. They said they did not have the resources to look after anymore.

Sunita, who is a graduate, comes from a poor family. Her father, who is a retired postman, has spent all his savings on Sunita’s treatment. She says she is a burden to her father.

Sunita’s needs are being taken care of by the Union Minister for Steel and Mines, Vishnudeo Sai. She has asked for a government job, so she can take care of her treatment. If that is not possible, she wants permission to end her life.

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