Disabled telephone booth operator will be allowed to sell eatables after Bombay High Court rules in his favour

The Bombay High Court has directed the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) to allow a disabled man allotted a stall to run a public telephone booth, to sell food items. The operator says his business has been affected due to the increase in use of mobile phones.

The court told the MSRTC that if they could reserve seats for disabled people in buses, then they had no right to evict someone with a 70% disability. The people running the telephone booths are usually people with disabilities.

The bench made this observation, while hearing a petition filed by the MSRTC challenging an order of the Disabilities Commissioner. The order put a stay on the eviction notice. It has allowed the disabled stall owner, Devidas Jhambulkar, to continue selling eatables.

Jambhulkar who has been running his stall for several years in Pune said that he was served an eviction notice by the MSRTC. The notice said that with the increase in mobile phone services, there was no need to continue with his stall.

The court then suggested that since the stall owners has been selling snacks, the MSRTC can consider making the arrangement a regular one.

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