Parents of disabled child get compensation from State Consumer Disputes court

A couple from Delhi have received major relief from a consumer court after almost 10 years of filing a complaint.

The couple had accused Max Hospital of causing a permanent disability in their child.

45-year-old Ritesh Garg and his wife, Arti, went through several medical treatments as they were not able to conceive. In 2007 the couple were finally blessed with a child.

However, the baby was born with a crippled left arm. The hospital stated that the defect was caused when the shoulder of the infant got stuck in the birth canal at the time of delivery.

However, the parents claimed that the child was disabled due to the negligence of the hospital staff which was not cautious during delivery.

After several tests, it was found that the nerves of the left arm had been uprooted from the spinal cord, leaving the arm permanently disabled.

A complaint was filed by the parents with the Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

After almost a decade the court has held Max Hospital in Pitampura guilty of negligence and awarded the parents compensation of Rs 30 lakh.

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