Kerala government to organize special employment festivals for disabled people

The Employment Directorate in Kerala is planning to organize special employment festivals for disabled people of the state.

The department has initiated the process and is awaiting the necessary orders in this regard.

The job festivals are expected to provide better job opportunities to disabled people.

The directorate has also recently upgraded the special employment exchanges for physically disabled people to include people with all disabilities.

The directorate will first conduct meetings with companies and institutions to identify employers, before a job fair is organised.

People with different types of disabilities, including those who are blind, deaf and with orthopaedic impairments will get the benefits of these job fairs.

The Employment Exchange and Employability Centre is already organizing the Niyukthi Job Fair for disabled people.

The directorate is also planning to follow the format used by the Niyukthi job fair for the employment festivals.

Officials will first list out the employers and the vacancies. The job-seekers will then be directed to choose three recruiters based on their educational qualifications.

Three regional-level special employment fairs will be held in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode.

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