Railway Police shame Mumbai commuters caught travelling in coaches reserved for disabled people

The Railway Protection Force in Mumbai has been cracking down on able-bodied passengers caught travelling in coaches reserved for people with disabilities on local trains. Despite this, many people still continue to travel illegally in these coaches.

To shame them, the Kurla Railway Protection Force ( RPF ) has started parading them with crutches or on wheelchairs after they get off the train.

The offenders are then booked under the Indian Railway Act. More than 3,000 able-bodied commuters were booked for illegal travel in disabled coaches in 2017 by Kurla RPF.

More than 490 have been booked until March 2018. The railway police has been conducting frequent drives to discourage illegal travel in disabled coaches, but there is no change in the situation.

RPF personnel have been standing outside disabled coaches since Friday last week with crutches or wheelchairs.

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