Elderly couple want to end life due to harassment from Maharashtra housing authorities

An elderly couple from Mumbai has sent a letter to the President of India seeking permission to die due to constant torture from government authorities.

Bharat Shah, who lives in Kandivali, has said that officials at the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) have made his life a living hell.

Shah has alleged that officials gave the benefit of re-development of their apartment to their tenant. He claimed that the tenant, through fraudulent methods, took ownership of the apartment.

Shah says his tenant, Yasin Sayyed, has already transferred the apartment to his name. Now, he will also get the re-development facilities provided by MHADA. Shah says he is living in a rented apartment in spite of having his own place. Shah says that he wrote the letter to the President because he did not have any other choice.

In the letter to the President, Shah has named top officials at the MHADA as being the cause of his misery. He has also talked about the insensitivity and apathy of corporation representatives.

Meanwhile, Sayyed claims that he has legally purchased the apartment from Shah.

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