18 years after she lost a leg in a bomb blast, Asna is now a doctor

23-year-old Asna still has strong memories of the unbearable pain she felt when a crude bomb attack claimed her right leg. She was just five years old.

In 2000, Asna became a victim of the political violence that affected Kannur in Kerala. She was caught in the middle of a bomb blast that was aimed at Congress workers.

She spent over two months recovering in hospital. Today, she has completed her MBBS from Kozhikode Medical College, and will join duty in the first week of April.

Asna's mother and brother were also injured in the blast. Asna's right leg had to be amputated.

She was determined to get an artificial leg and got one early on. This gave her time to get used to walking on an artificial limb. She went back to school and continued to pursue her education.

Asna sayd that it was perhaps the long amount of time that she spent in a hospital as a child that led her to pursue a medical degree.

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