Missing Bareilly woman with schizophrenia reunites with family

A 28 year old woman, who was missing from Mirganj in Bareilly, has been reunited with her family. Saraswati Rajput was suffering from schizophrenia when she went missing on August 2016. She has a husband and 3 kids.

Saraswati went missing from her village Abdulganj in 2016. The police later found her on the streets of Fatehganj West. Since she could not recollect anything about her family or her own name, the police sent her to ‘Mamta Ashrey Greh’, a shelter home for women suffering from mental illness. She was provided treatment and counselling, and Saraswati is cured of schizophrenia now. That is when she remembered her name and where she was from.

Saraswati’s husband Ravi Rajput was travelling when Saraswati went missing. Her youngest child was only 4 months during that time. Though they did not lodge a formal police complaint, the family and locals searched for Saraswati in nearby areas. Ravi Rajput said that he was sure that Saraswati would come back.

Naveen Johri is the superintendent of Mamta Ashrey Greh. He said that Saraswati is fit to be back with her family and is completely cured of schizophrenia now.

Saraswati’s kids were taken care of by her sister-in-law when she was missing. A happy woman, Saraswati gleams with happiness when she looks at her 3 children who are 2, 4 and 6 years old now.

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