Following farmer suicides in Punjab, survey to check mental health of Ludhiana farmers

Farmer suicides have been on a rise since the past few years in Punjab. The numbers have been particularly high in Ludhiana.

The Punjab Agricultural University conducted a survey on the mental health of farmers during a recent ‘Kisan Mela’ in Ludhiana. A basic screening test was done on the farmers who attended the event. The test was conducted as per the guidelines set by the World Health Organization.

Farmers were asked to fill out a questionnaire. Those who scored 30 or above, were made to see a counselor.

The farmers were asked questions regarding their work and mental stress. They were then given information and guidelines on how to beat stress. Some farmers said they felt better after talking to counselors.

A helpline number has also been started in order to help farmers. Those who are undergoing stress or want to talk to counselors, can contact them at 0161-2401960-363 and 0161-8360684948.

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