Disabled man forced to pull cycle cart with father’s body after being denied ambulance service

In a shocking incident, a disabled man had to pull the dead body of his father in a cycle cart from hospital.

Rajkumar from Loni Katra village in Uttar Pradesh had to pull the cart for 8 kilometers from the hospital to his home. Even though he pleaded for an ambulance, hospital authorities did not provide him with one.

Mansa Ram, Rajkumar’s father, died at a community health center. He was under treatment for many days. After his father died, Rajkumar pleaded for an ambulance, but was refused by hospital authorities.

After waiting for a few hours, Rajkumar and his 10-year-old sister pulled the cart to their home.

Mukund Patel, the Chief Medical Superintendent at the health center, has washed his hands off the matter by saying he was on leave.

Such cases of insensitivity towards people with disabilities have been reported from many parts of India.

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