Visually impaired climbers from across India fight for top honors at 1st national championship in Jammu

The Sprawling Buds School in Jammu is the venue for the first-ever national climbing championship for the blind.

About 80 blind climbers from across India are here for the event with their coaches. All of them are looking to win top honors at the event.

As you watch the visually impaired climbers practice during the two-day sporting event, it is clear that disability is not an obstacle for these champions. Their passion for the sport prevails above every barrier.

The event is being organized by the Mountaineering Association of Jammu & Kashmir. There are boys and girls taking part in the event. For many of them the event is a dream come true.

Like all climbers, visually impaired climbers, climb a wall as well. They may take a little more time than sighted climbers, but loss of sight has not dampened their competitive spirit in any way.

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