How to recognize signs of depression in children

Instances of depression among the young, even children, are getting widely reported. Academic stress and changing lifestyles play an important role.

Detecting signs of depression in children is not easy. It is not necessary that a depressed child is always found sitting in a corner looking gloomy. They can go about doing their daily things, so parents need to be watchful of their child. This is especially true for teenagers.

Some of the signs of depression in children are chronic sadness, irritability, anger, boredom, inability to concentrate, and difficulty with family members, and doing schoolwork.

There are various risk factors for depression. A family history of depression, high stress lifestyle, drug or alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, and any kind of diseases can become risk factors.

Depression can be treated. So, if you think that your child is at risk, make sure you seek help.

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