One in 68 children in India diagnosed with autism

A recent study found out that one out of sixty-eight children in India are diagnosed with autism. One million people have autism in the country. The exact reasons for autism have not yet been found. Experts believe that environmental and genetic factors play an important role.

A child with autism usually starts showing its signs at the age of 12-13 months. There have been cases where the child started showing symptoms from the age of one-and-a-half years as well.

Dr Nadeem Sadiq, a senior neurologist, says that autism is often associated with mental or psychological disorders. Autism can also be caused by complications at birth, maternal nutrition at conception, or even exposure to chemicals. He asserted that even though many factors can contribute towards autism, researchers have not been able to pin point on any one factor.

Experts say that it is important for people to change their attitudes towards autism. Many parents choose not to acknowledge that their child has autism and seek help.

This must change. Parents must come forward and make sure that their child get the best help as early as possible.

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