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How to behave with a family that has a disabled child

March 31, 2018

Parents of children with disability face every day challenges and stress like any other parents. For them it is vital to take care of the disabled child and also to lead their lives.

At times it is not clear for other people to understand how to act or talk with a disabled child and their families.

Here are some thoughts shared by a parent about how to behave with a family that has a disabled child.

It is alright for another child to stare at a disabled child that looks different. Instead of asking your child to look away, parents can encourage their kids to wave or even smile at the child with disability.

Other parents may avoid socializing with a family that has a disabled kid. They may be doing so due to lack of awareness about the disability or how to deal with it.

It is best to discuss this with the disabled child's parent. If you are organizing a party, you can ask the parents what would suit them. Humans have a natural need to socialize and interact and that should not be stopped due to disability.

Do not feel over sympathetic or focus on the disability alone. You can talk about general things and be sensitive about the child without being too dramatic.

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