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Toddler cane helps blind children move around confidently

For a visually impaired person, a cane gives mobility and a sense of safety as they move about in the world around them.

But toddlers, who are vision impaired, do not have the physical skills or attention span to learn to use a cane effectively. This limits the extent they can explore the world around them as they risk getting hurt.

When you cannot move around safely, you stop learning, believe experts. It leads to delays in learning language, motor, concept, and social skills.

The solution developed is a toddler cane, now in a prototype stage as a lightweight device with a waistband worn right above child's hips.

It has been tested on a three-and-a-half-year-old girl in New York City with considerable success. The toddler cane helps children develop, say experts. Their language improves as they are less stressed out, their posture becomes more erect, and they are more social.

The toddler cane is still in development. To find out more about it, parents can visit the website www.SafeToddles.com.

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