Nagpur school gears up to celebrate autism awareness day

2 April is World Autism Awareness day, and various institutions across India is all set to celebrate this week. Schools and colleges are holding events and seminars on autism. ‘Prayas School for special needs’ in Nagpur is organizing a week long programme on autism awareness that will start on 31 March and go on till 5 March. People from across Nagpur can participate and witness the long list of events scheduled for the week!

On 2 April, a rally will be conducted titled ‘Walk for Autism’. The rally that will start from Sarvoday Ashram will end at the Traffic Park in Dharampeth. A cultural programme has also been organized there. Students with autism will also get to do an outdoor visit on Thursday. Neurologist Amarjeet Wagh will conduct a workshop on Friday which will be based on various neurological disorders.

Kiran Binkar is the Secretary of ‘Prayas School’. Kiran said that Prayas is a school mainly for autistic children, and has been functioning since the year 2008. Hence, the upcoming week is very important to them on creating awareness on autism. Kiran added that people need to be made aware of autism better. Most of the times, children with autism are stared at by people. Though the children do not understand that, their families do! That can hurt their family members.

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