This 13-year-old boy is making apps to create awareness about autism

Hamish Finlayson, a 13-year-old boy from Australia, has created an app that is helping to spread awareness about autism.

Hamish has autism too and he wants to inform more people about the disorder. Studies show that one in every 160 children has some form of the disorder.

Lack of awareness and information about autism is a major issue across the world.

Hamish has called the app,ASD and Me, to ensure that people can understand what autism is about, and how people are affected by the disorder.

The boy makes other apps also that spread awareness about environmental issues and cleanliness.

The apps are available free to use.

Hamish started to learn coding at a young age. He has made five apps so far. He is currently working on creating a game that that will teach people with autism how to cross a road.

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