Election Commission takes steps to make voting in Karnataka elections inclusive

The Election Commission has reached out to people with disabilities in Karnataka to make the voting process inclusive.

As per reports, the Election Commission (EC) has been calling people with disabilities to get their feedback and inputs about making elections in the state accessible.

More than 3.5 lakh people with disabilities have responded to calls from the EC asking about their needs during the Assembly elections.

The EC is getting in touch with senior citizens and disabled voters to understand the facilities they would need at polling booths.

The aim is to ensure that all voters get to exercise the right to vote.

Some of the facilities that are being worked on include wheelchairs, separate queues at polling booths, and drinking water.

The EC is also trying to make sure the polling booths are managed by people with disabilities.

As per data, there are over 13.2 lakh people with disabilities in Karnataka. Of these nine lakh have voting rights.

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