This shirt enables people who are deaf to feel the music

Sound Shirt is the name of a wearable device that can make the world musical for people with hearing disabilities.

The wearable device has been created by a London-based fashion company, called CuteCircuit. The device has been tested for almost a year now.

The Sound Shirt is a tight-fitting blue jacket made of synthetic fibres. It is fitted with 16 tiny motors.

The shirt processes sounds with the help of eight microphones and converts them into vibrations.

These different vibrations are then felt by the wearer, giving them a sense of music.

The device will be tested during an upcoming concert by the musician Tchaikovsky in Hamburg’s Laeiszhalle concert hall, in Germany.

Claudia Weyel, a 50-year-old teacher from Frankfurt, will be putting on the shirt to experience the performance.

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