Bodies of 39 Indians killed in Iraq to be brought back to India today

The Minister of State for External Affairs, VK Singh, is in Iraq to bring back the bodies of the 39 Indians killed there by the terror group, Islamic State.

The Indians had gone missing more than a year ago. The Indian government had claimed all along that they were safe, but recently it was found that they had been killed by members of the IS.

Forty Indians had been kidnapped from Mosulin Iraq in June 2014. One of them managed to escape and come back to India.

The remaining 39 Indians were taken to Badoosh and killed by the terrorists.

The bodies were found in a mass grave in Iraq. Identification was done by matching the DNA with family members.

The minister is expected to bring back the bodies to India today.

On his return, V K Singh will first go to Amritsar, then to Patna and Kolkata to hand over the bodies to family members.

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