One year after a freak accident damaged her skull, this child is showing signs of normalcy

Nine-year-old Hazeque Kapadia is a fighter. She broke her skull in a freak accident last year and was in a coma for nearly two months.

Almost a year later, Hazeque has woken up to reclaim her life. She is taking baby steps to a whole new life.

The accident occurred in March 2017. Hazeque was returning from tuitions, when a 20 kg iron griddle fell on her head. Pieces of her bone pierced her brain, and this affected the left parietal lobe in her brain.

She was rushed to the BYL Nair Hospital where she was treated for a few days. She was then shifted to the Bombay Hospital where she was in the ICU for more than two months. Hazeque was discharged on June 2017.

Right now, her walk is wobbly, and she has difficulties in speech and other activities. But Hazeque is able to have food and take a bath on her own. Her parents are confident that Hazeque is going to come out of this.

Her doctors say that Hazeque’s case is a unique one. She kept fighting even when she was critical. This made them confident that she would come out of her coma.

Hazeque’s parents and the police don't know who threw the iron griddle on her head. But the family has forgiven them.

Hazeque still goes to school and meets her friends. She was even promoted to the next grade by school authorities due to her high scores.

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