Anti-depressants are effective to treat mental illnesses, says new study

A recent study has found out that anti-depressants are an effective way to tackle various mental illnesses like depression.

The relevance of anti-depressants has always been a subject of debate over the years. This new study has been welcomed by many psychiatrists. They believe that anti-depressants are an effective way to treat chronic mental illnesses

Mental illnesses have a lot of stigma attached to them in India. In a survey done in 2016, it was found that over 85% of Indians suffering from mental illnesses are not taking medical help. These numbers have risen in the past few years.

Depression is of mainly of three types - mild, moderate, and severe. While counselling is enough for a mild case of depression, people undergoing moderate and severe depression must take medical help and anti-depressants. If untreated, a person with severe depression might be pushed to commit suicide.

Psychiatrists say they have seen positive changes in people after they started taking anti-depressants. They are more commonly prescribed in western countries. They are preferred to antibiotics and other painkillers.

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