Feeling lonely? You can now rent a dog for a few hours

A new venture is starting in some metro cities where dog lovers can rent a dog for a few hours or even a day. About 100 outlets, called MAD (Mad About Dogs) will open over the next 12 months.

MAD is a venture of Jaipur-based dog behaviourist Viren Sharma. Apart from renting dogs, the facilities will have a salon, spa, hotel, training institute, medical provisions, and a behavioural correction institute. People will also be able to spend a dog-day-out in cities including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

The concept, which is extremely popular in the western countries, is aimed at relieving people of their work-life stress. Due to busy schedules, dog lovers are not able to adopt them full time, as dogs need plenty of attention and time.

The dogs available on rent will include stray ones that have been rescued and specially trained so they don't cause harm to anyone.

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