Emotional scenes witnessed at Telugu TV anchor Radhika Reddy's funeral

Heartbreaking scenes were witnessed at the apartment of 36-year-old Telugu TV news presenter V Radhika Reddy, who committed suicide due to depression on Sunday. As her funeral pyre was being lit, her 14-year-old child, who has autism, did not understand what was happening and tried to wake her up.

Radhika Reddy had been sinking into depression for the past few months. She had anchored a TV debate on stress and anxiety 15 days ago. Her show was about the suicides by Class 10 students due to exam stress.

Her father said she was taking medication for depression, but was not regular with the treatment.

On Sunday, before she killed herself, Radhika read the news bulletin at 9 PM and went to her parents' home. After reaching the home, she went to the terrace and jumped.

Radhika had lost her mother to cancer six months ago. Her father says Radhika's son has not understood that she is dead. The child is studying at a special school.

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