Obese people tend to be depressed, says new study

A study by a medical college in Vellore in Tamil Nadu has found that people who are obese are often depressed and suffer from various kinds of psychiatric disorder.

The findings have been highlighted in the context of the recent death of a 28-year old real estate agent, Pradeep Kumar. Kumar died after he injected a medicine for weight loss. He opted for a quick weight loss method that put his life at risk.

Like Kumar, there are many people who are obese who worry about their excess weight to the extent that it leads to mental illnesses.

The study by Vellore Medical College looked at 60 people who wanted to undergo a weight loss surgery. Half of them suffered from depression, while the others had dysthymia, which is a term for mild depression.

Many people also said they were mocked and ridiculed for being obese. There is stigma attached to obesity and they were judged on their weight.

Many people agreed that they ate too much to get over feelings of sadness.

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