Women with disabilities facing sexual violence must be given fair trial, says reports

According to a recent report from the Humans Right Watch, women with disabilities in India who are victims of sexual assault, find it difficult to get justice.

Even though the government has made laws stronger for women, there has been no significant change. After the Nirbhaya gang rape case in 2012, government had promised stronger laws for women in India.

The report Invisible Victims of Sexual Violence: Access to Justice for Women and Girls with Disabilities in India, highlights some of the difficulties faced by disabled women.

Nidhi Goyal, a disability rights activist and co-author of the report, says that even though the government promised justice to women who faces sexual violence, nothing has been done on the ground. Goyal asserted that Indian women and women with disabilities must not remain victims to sexual violence.

The Human Rights Watch officials conducted the study across eight states in India. Disabled women were involved in the study. The report also throws light on the insults that women who are raped have to face at police stations in India.