Image of woman carrying disabled husband on her back attracts outrage

In a shocking incident, a woman from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh was forced to carry her disabled husband on her shoulders because she did not have a tricycle.

Vimala wanted a disability certificate for her husband. She had to get the certificate from the Chief Minister’s office (CMO).

Vimala’s husband, who can no longer work, used to be a truck driver. He fell ill a few months ago. The illness affected his nerves. As a result, one of his legs had to be amputated.

Vimala was told to go to the CMO for a disability certificate for her husband. At the center, she was asked to bring a photograph of his.

However, Vimala did not have the money to afford a tricycle to take her husband to the photo studio. So she had to carry him physically.

The image has caused outrage across India. It has once again drawn attention to the apathy and struggles disabled people and the poor go through everyday in this country.

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