Here are five ways to reduce the risk of dementia

Our brain is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Hence, it needs to be protected with utmost care. In today’s world, people are prone to different kinds of ailments during old age.

One of the most common diseases is dementia and Alzheimer’s. This usually affects an individual when they cross 60 years of age. Your brain, just like your body, needs constant and good exercise.

There are a ways to keep your brain fit and healthy. By adopting these methods, you can reduce the risks of getting dementia.

  • Social contact - Man always craves for company and companionship. This is a very important factor in staying healthy. Involving yourself in social groups. Visit friends and family, talk to people, participate in social work and talk over the phone. These can do wonders to your brain.
  • Watch your weight and heart health - High blood pressure and obesity increases the risk of dementia. Just like your brain, the heart is one of the most important parts of our body.
  • Do not smoke - The risk of dementia is higher on people who smoke.
  • Get your depression treated - The changes that occur in the brain due to depression can increase your risk of dementia. Hence, if you know that your mental health is at risk, make sure that you get medical help
  • Get exercise - Going for long walks and a run can keep you fit and healthy. Physical activity brings down the risk of dementia in a person.

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