Gururaja wins India its first silver medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games

India’s Gururaja has made the country proud at the Commonwealth Games 2018 by winning a silver medal for weightlifting. He won the medal in the 56kg weightlifting championship for men.

The Commonwealth Games are taking place at the Gold Coast in Australia. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

28 year old Gururaja lifted 111-kg in the first go, followed by 138-kg in his third attempt. This is not Gururaja’s first medal for India. In the 2017 Commonwealth Games, this young talent brought home a bronze medal for weightlifting.

Gururaja, who hails from Kundapura in coastal Karnataka, is the son of a truck driver. He used to be a wrestler before he decided to try his luck with powerlifting and weightlifting.

Gururaja won the silver medal for India on the opening day of the Commonwealth Games. The country can definitely look up to more medals for India in the coming days after a great start from Gururaja.

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