Rajasthan event brings together deaf and hard of hearing kids

The Rajasthan government recently held an event for hearing impaired children in the city of Jaipur. The event was quite a treat to witness.

More than 400 children, who are now using the cochlear implants, participated in the event. They got the opportunity to showcase their talents before a huge crowd.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje was present along with many other prominent personalities.

A cochlear implant is a medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Hearing aids help to make sounds clearer. However, a cochlear implant will help in hearing everything without any hassles. It does this by bypassing the damaged hair cells of the inner ear. This provides sound signals to the brain.

The first cochlear implant surgery was performed Rajasthan in 2010. Until now nearly 500 cochlear implants have been performed in the state. Those who cannot afford the surgery can get aid from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

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