Too much coffee can cause Alzheimer’s disease, says new study

A recent study has found that drinking too much coffee can lead Alzheimer’s disease. Excess of coffee can affect the neuropsychiatric symptoms in those who are already suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Studies confirm that since dementia and Alzheimer’s are related, coffee consumption can have an impact on the brain by causing dementia too.

However, there are other studies that say drinking coffee has a positive effect on the brain.

A person shows various symptoms when they undergo behavioural and psychological changes due to dementia. Depression, paranoia, anxiety, apathy towards others, and mood swings are some of the common symptoms.

Coffee is said to have certain molecules called adenosine receptors which lead to serious health problems. It causes various diseases during old age as well.

The study was conducted on mice, by giving them a daily dose of caffeine. Results showed that caffeine altered the behaviour of healthy mice. It worsened neuropsychiatric symptoms in mice with Alzheimer’s disease.

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