ANZ launches accessibility features in Visa Debit cards in New Zealand

International bank ANZ has launched a new Visa Debit card with accessibility features. This will make banking easier for customers with disabilities.

The redesigned Visa Debit cards will have bigger fonts, a notch that helps customers identify the correct way to insert a card into an ATM, as well as raised dots indicating the right way up.

Around one million existing Visa Debit cards will be replaced as they come up for expiry. It is thought to be the first product of its kind in New Zealand.

The new accessible cards have been tested and approved by two vision-impaired lawn bowlers, Sue Curran and David Stallard. Both are competing in the2018 Commonwealth Games.

Both players said they have fumbled with their cards at ATMs and have asked people to help them. The new card, they say, will make a big difference.

ANZ says it aims to make all its products and services accessible to everyone.

The new cards are designed to work together with the accessibility features at ANZ’s ATMs and branches.

The new cards also work with all of ANZ’s mobile payment options, Visa payWave, and ANZ’s contactless ATMs.

ANZ sought the help of people who have different levels of vision impairment to develop and test the new cards.

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