80-year-old retired teacher donates land worth Rs 4 crore for school

Ponmanidevi is an 80-year-old retired Tamil teacher living in Erode in Tamil Nadu.

She has dedicated all her life to the cause of education. She has helped hundreds of children in their quest for knowledge.

Ponmanidevi has donated land worth Rs four crore to the cause of education in her area.

After she retired from government school service, Ponmanidevi continued to work in the field of education.

She has used up all her savings and income to promote the education of children from poorer families.

Ponmanidevi does not care about the high value of the land she has donated. Her only wish is to see that all children get an education.

Her land donation has helped in setting up a proper school for children from the underprivileged community.

The new school building will be named after her son, Mayura Karthikeyan, who passed away at a young age.

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