Researchers develop new app to monitor Parkinson’s disease

Researchers have developed a phone application that will monitor changes in a person with Parkinson’s disease throughout the day.

A person with Parkinson’s disease requires constant monitoring and care. This new application developed by Suchi Saria from Baltimore, will help people with Parkinson’s disease to keep a check on their health throughout the day.

The app will soon be available worldwide.

The app will ask the patient to complete five tasks. This will assess speech, finger tapping, gait, balance and reaction time of the person with Parkinson’s disease. It will develop a mobile Parkinson’s disease score that will reach the doctor’s who can keep a track of the patient’s health.

Saria says that this new application is exciting because such facilities were not available until a few years ago. Saria added that people are eager to use this new app that keeps a check on their health.

Even though such apps cannot replace doctors, it can definitely keep a check on what is happening inside one’s body.

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