Father in New Zealand comes to India looking for daughter with autism after she runs away with boyfriend

A father in New Zealand has alleged that his daughter, who has autism, has been brainwashed by her Indian boyfriend's family.

Jessica Doody, who has he mental age of a 14-year-old, followed her boyfriend to India, where he comes from. Five agencies, including Interpol, have been looking for her.

They tracked her to the city of Patiala in Punjab. However, the local police have been unable to get her to go back home.

Jessica's family fears that she will be easily influenced by her boyfriend. The 24-year-old flew to India under the name of Kathleen Gray-Anttal, to be with her boyfriend, Gurdeep Singh.

After New Zealand police told the family that she was in India, her father Craig travelled to New Delhi to start searching for her. He was finally reunited with her this week. She had been staying with her boyfriend and his family.

However, Jessica has refused to go back. She had told the police that her father used to beat her. She wants to stay in India with her boyfriend and his parents.

Craig Doody has now decided to go back to New Zealand without his daughter. He is concerned about Jessica's safety.

Jessica has autism and her family is worried that she will struggle in India without her support network. Her mobile phone is switched off and she has disabled her Facebook account.

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