Disability certificates not needed in every case, recommends parliamentary committee

In a welcome step, a parliamentary standing committee has asked the government to go easy on demanding a disability certificate.

The committee has said that many people are finding it hard to avail government schemes and facilities due to the lack of a disability certificate.

In fact many disabled people do not even attempt to get the certificate because the process is so long and difficult.

Therefore, the committee has recommended that in cases where the disability is apparent, a disability certificate should not be asked for as proof.

This new rule will of great help to disabled people from economically backward areas. The committee asserted that the people from such backgrounds usually do not have a certificate of disability or income proof. Many of them are illiterate as well.

The parliamentary committee said that rules should be relaxed for them given how hard day-to-day living is for them.

The committee has also asked the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to ensure that disability certificates are issued without any hassles, especially to people from poorer backgrounds.

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