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This paralyzed doctor does surgeries from a wheelchair!

April 7, 2018

Dr Ted Rummel is an orthopedic surgeon who does surgeries from a wheelchair. Dr Rummel, who is from the state of Missouri in the United States, was paralyzed in 2010 after a blood-filled cyst burst in his spine.

However, that has not kept him from pursuing his passion, which is to be a doctor.

After more than a year in rehabilitation, Dr Rummel came back to work. He started doing surgeries from a traditional wheelchair.

Dr Rummel credits his family and friends for their support during his difficult times. He calls his recovery a powerful experience. He performs surgeries on a stand-up wheelchair with the help of colleagues.

Dr Rummel says that every time he does a surgery, he gets a part of his life back. Initially, he would operate on certain body parts, like the hands, elbows, and knees. He could not do surgeries on shoulders.

Now he has overcome that by using a stand-up wheelchair. Clearly, there is no stopping Dr Rummel.

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