Models with 15 types of disabilities walk the fashion ramp in Iran

The capital of Iran, Tehran, hosted its first-ever fashion show for people with disabilities.

Fifty models with 15 different disabilities walked the ramp. They were wearing clothes that were designed to meet their specific needs. The models had a great time taking part in the show.

Among the models was Mehri Zakeri who uses a wheelchair. Zakeri said that being in a wheelchair makes it difficult for her to shop for clothes. Signing up for the fashion show helped her to find an outfit that met her needs.

Many leading fashion brands of Iran were a part of this event. Among them was the Mahub Tehran brand. Its founder, Mahboubeh Rahimia, said she designed a lot of clothes for the event, out of which 50 were shortlisted.

Rahimia also said that people with disabilities often struggle to find comfortable clothes. The fashion show displayed outfits that were designed according to individual disabilities and for all ages and genders.

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