Registration and stamps department of Hyderabad launches whatsapp number

The Registration and Stamps department of Hyderabad is all set to launch a whatsapp service for citizens! This new service will kick start from 9 April. The department also wants to create a 24 hour call centre so that citizens can make maximum benefit out of it. Citizens can contact the department through the whatsapp number 7093920206.

The department has updated their website. Authorities said that citizens can avail various facilities through this website. They can use online EC service, Market Value Assistance and Registration Charges calculator.

Citizens can use the whatsapp number to ask any questions and doubts to the department officials. Queries regarding the stamp duty that has to be paid, challenges that citizens face while complaining, and doubts regarding how to avail various services can be asked through the given whatsapp number. The officials will contact you within 24 hours of lodging the complaint. Citizens are also expected to post the result of their interaction with the authorities.

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