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Tips to teach social skills to a child with a learning disability

April 13, 2018

Parents in today's world, are busy teaching their kids how to be experts in maths, science and computers.

What they often forget to teach are social skills, which are very important for the growth and development of a child. Most teachers' and parents' think that a child is born with social skills. Hence, it need not be taught, which is a wrong notion.

A child must develop social skills through activities and from the environment around them. Teaching them social skills is the need of the hour.

<p.This is true for children with learning disabilities as well. With some patience and creativity, a child with a learning disability can develop social skills.

Educate yourself

The parent must know the reason that inhibits their child's social skills. It could be a behaviour management issue, communication-linked, or one with sensory integration. Identifying this at the right time can be helpful for your child and yourself.

Educate your child

Your child must be taught socially acceptable behaviours. Most of the times, they find it difficult to understand what others are trying to communicate. Teach your child how to deal with people around them by giving them examples and a detailed narration.

Be patient

This is one of the most important things that a parent needs to understand and practice. A child who is learning disabled will demand a lot of your time. As a parent, ensure that you provide that.

Use social stories

Parents can pick stories from around the environment of the child, show them picture cards and visual reminders. This will make a deeper impact in the mind of the child who has a learning disability.

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