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Gesture Vocalizer uses hand movements to convert sign language into voice, text

Students of the Holy Grace Academy of Engineering in Kerala, have developed a device that may change the way people who are deaf and hard of hearing communicate with others.

The device is called Gesture Vocalizer. It has been developed by four students of electronics and communication. It aims to reduce the communication gap between people who are deaf and those who are not.

Gesture Vocalizer is mainly based on hand movements. The system aims to take the gestures and convert them into an audio-visual format that can be understood by everyone.

The system consists of an input, a control section, and output. The input portion has a hand glove with sensors to determine the bending of fingers. It also has an accelerometer to measure the tilt of the hand.

The values from the sensors are given to the control section. Here they are compared with the reference values of standardized sign language. This is then used to produce pre-recorded output messages that match these values. These messages are in audio and display form.

The system converts sign language into a voice and a text. There is an audio processor attached to a speaker and an LCD display to show the output. The portable device works on a 9V radio battery.

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