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Concessions offered to disabled people by Indian Railways

April 9, 2018

The vast network of Indian Railways remains the most used mode of transport in the country.

As per data, at least 70 million passengers used the Indian Railways in 2017.

The railways offers several concessions to people in various categories to promote its services and provide benefits to the travelers.

Some of the categories include senior citizens, disabled people, patients, awardees, war widows, students, youths, sportspersons, artists, medical professionals, farmers, and many more.

Here are some of the concessions given by the Indian railways.

People with disabilities and patients get the most compensations and are followed by senior citizens.

People with disabilities get at a maximum of 75% discount in second class, Sleeper Class, First Class, Three-tier AC, AC chair car.

Similarly, cancer, thalassemia, heart, kidney, haemophilia, TB patients can avail concessions.

Senior citizens of Indian nationality, aged 60 or above, can get a compensation of up to 40% on tickets and women of 58 years can avail up to 50% discount.

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