Movie Hindi Medium repeated in real life by Delhi businessman

A businessman in Delhi has been arrested for pretending to be a slum dweller to get admission for his son in a prestigious school.

Gaurav Goel got his son admitted to the Sanskriti School under the quota for economically weaker sections in 2013. He faked the address and other documents and successfully got away for five years.

Goel got exposed when he tried to get his second child admitted to the same school. This time he used his actual address in a posh locality. School authorities got suspicious

Goel told the school that his elder son could be shifted to the general category as his financial situation had improved in the past five years.

This led the school to file a police complaint against Goel. The police found that he owns a MRI centre. He has also travelled to more than 20 countries.

Police are investigating if any government official helped Goel forge the documents for the admission.

Interestingly, this admission scandal is similar to the plot of a Bollywood movie called Hindi Medium, starring Irrfan Khan.

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